slow tour

In 2016 with the group RAVEN, we did a different kind of tour. The idea was not to take a plane or a car but to walk with donkeys to help us carry the equipment! 

  • 4 musicians, 1 writer, 1 photographer
  • 4 donkeys
  • 2 weeks walking : 180km / 112mi
  • 12 gigs

Inspired by the novel "Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

A musician's life is made up of many trips and it's often by plane. You go and play somewhere, stay for a few hours and then carry on. There's rarely time to enjoy the place where we're performing, and even less time to enjoy the journey between gigs. The idea of this tour was to enjoy the journey between concerts. The hike, the people we met along the way, the magnificent landscapes of the Cevennes and looking after the animals were all very rewarding. Overall: an extraordinary experience! We were lucky, it didn't rain!